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MTV Mood Swing

In this new rebrand we went deep in the research of human emotions.


Teens are living, breathing and sharing emotions like no other moment in history. The insights that we learn from them are reflected through branding: It’s branding based on emotions. A wide variety of animated logos, backgrounds and graphic elements were designed to enhance the moods as well as promos. Also every month, 4 artists from around the world were brief with one emotion and color, to craft a fresh and visual innovative 15 second animation art piece.

VP Creative: 
Sean Saylor – Creative Director: Maxi Borrego – Operations & Production Director: Delfina Chiesa – Design Lead: Charlx Alemañy – Creative Lead: Fran Casais – Design Team: Mili Fiuza / Nacho Varone – 
Creative Team: Carlos Mendez / Sol Astolfi

Production: Pandora – Devicers – Builders Club – Randy Cano – Antoni Tudisco – DIA Studio – Fede Maksimiuk – Father Co.

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