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I am my MTV

MTV International launched a new rebrand, not focusing on the way the channel looks, but on the way the brand behaves and how it relates to our audience completely. We moved from “I WANT MY MTV” to “I AM MY MTV”; giving our audience control of the channel in order to create their own interpretation of the brand.

Durig this project keyarts, logos, animated graphics, social media, digital and broadcast elements were designed and enviosioned. 

VP Creative: 
Sean Saylor – Creative Director: Nacho Gil – Operations & Production Director: Josefina Marfil – Design Lead: Maxi Borrego – Art Director / Design: Nacho Varone


D&AD – Gold – Branding / Multi-Platform TV Branding & Promotions (2016)
D&AD – Bronze – Branding / Channel Branding & Identity (2016)
Promax Global – Gold – Art Direction & Design / Channel Image (2016)
Promax Global – Silver– Interactive Promotion (2016)
Communicator Awards – Gold – Integrated Campaign – Promotional/Branding (2016)
Art Directors Club – Merit – Branding Campaign (2016)
The One Club – Merit – Design & Branding (2016)

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