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MTV ID's Curation

Every month, at MTV we curated a selection of new artists from all over the globe and worked in conjunction with them on a main concept and structure.

Idents have been around since the dawn of TV, and the way they have behaved has changed very little. We’re talking about a set of six lookalike idents that air for years and years, until a new rebrand is made. Nowadays, we live in an era of disposable content. Everything is shorter and faster. So an update to this space so characteristic of MTV needed to be done. That’s why in 2015, MTV redesigned the way the art breaks work, giving upcoming artists total freedom to express their vision of the brand.


This was a project where we collaborate with all those new voices and talents that arise, as part of MTV’s heritage to promote creativity and true self-expression.


VP Creative: Sean Saylor – Creative Director: Maxi Borrego – Operations & Production Director: Josefina Marfil – Curation: Fede Maksimiuk / Nacho Varone / Carlos Mendez

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