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DLA Piper

DLA Piper reached out to THEM in search of redefining the culture and identity presented through their workspace. As a global law firm spanning across 40 countries, DLA Piper are committed to excellence in how they represent their clients, develop, and serve their communities. Our role was to reintegrate their origins into their Dublin offices space.


We were responsible for the conceptual curation and execution of a series of artworks that represent key

moments and figures in Irish culture. As an agency that delivers concept research for art pieces that express the local and individual culture of our clients, we identified key moments that represent DLA Piper’s culture.

The creative challenge on this project was to design and produce individual art pieces that told in an abstract way the story about the name of each meeting room. Because the client culture is to be bold, exceptional, creative, inclusive, diverse and thoughtful we had to be able to convey those concepts into the visual of each piece.

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