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MTV Flanker Channels

MTV flankers channels are music-themed channels that broadcast around our international markets complementing MTV main. Each one focuses on a specific genre or style, giving our audience a wider variety of music options.


Historically, these channels were refreshed every 6 years. In order to keep consistency, we developed a graphics system for the rebrand based on “Wireframe + Skin”. This conceptual and modular design approach dictated how we composed and arranged graphic content to interact.


Working in collaboration with the Los Angeles-based Studio Laundry, we developed the visual concept that fit in the previously developed frameworks. We pictured MTV as a virtual reality planet where each sub-channel is a genre-specific continent — inhabited by party animals. A perfect visual metaphor for the diverse music genres and fans of the world; different in their influence and location, but the same in their fandom and the human spirit. These party animals are 3D characters, each one distantly references a real animal representing the music styles of the specific channel: an eel reflects the smoothness of electronic music like a glow stick, and a crab with a speaker-like shell is a nod to Jamaican dance-party vans.

VP Creative: 
Sean Saylor – Creative Director: Maxi Borrego – Operations & Production Director: Delfina Chiesa – Design Lead: Charlx Alemañy – Art Director / Design: Fede Maksimiuk / Nacho Varone

Production: Studio Laundry

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